domingo, 24 de fevereiro de 2013

Facing the Ocean, the Warmth of Spring Is Blossoming

From tomorrow, I will be a lucky person
Feed horse, chop wood, travel the world
From tomorrow, I will think of my health and eat more vegetables
I will have a house facing the ocean; the warmth of spring will blossom

From tomorrow, I will write to my family
Tell them I am settled, I am calm
A warmth will radiate through my life
It will radiate to everyone in this world
From tomorrow, each river and each mountain
Will be given a new and tender name

Strangers, I will also wish you happy.
May you have a brilliant future!
May your lovers eventually become spouse!
May you enjoy happiness in this earthly world!
I only wish to face the sea, with spring blossoms.

(conforme o que aparece em "Twenty Fragments of a Ravenous Youth" de Xiaolou Guo)

Fotografia licenciada em Creative Commons.

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